Write your city councillor now, they are set to vote in February 2014

Before and afterCity councillors will consider whether to proceed with public consultation on a newly drafted by-law designed to better protect our urban forests sometime in February 2014 (the official date for this vote has not yet been set).

Please contact your city councillor NOW to show your support for this new by-law. We need to do what we can to protect what remains of our urban forests, for so many very important reasons.

Read through this site to find more information and stories as to why we need to preserve these forests.

The newest by-law draft that will be before the committee in February 2014 can be found here:


Write to your councillor today. Following is a suggested draft:

To: City of Hamilton <councillor>

Re: Protecting Hamilton’s Urban Forests

I am a resident of Hamilton, Ontario, and I have great concern that our current regulations do not sufficiently protect the last remaining urban woodlots in the City of Hamilton.

The current Regional Woodlands by-law is ineffective and the existing tree protection by-laws in Ancaster, Stoney Creek and Dundas are not sufficient to protect important urban woodlands throughout much of the City of Hamilton.

I encourage you to support the proposed new “Woodland Conservation By-law for Private Property Within the Urban Area (City Wide)” and ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to guarantee that it can be implemented and enforced effectively.

Urban woodlands provide countless social and health benefits, and serve important ecological and economic functions and are thus a critical component of our ‘green infrastructure’. Hamilton is a great place to live and work, in part, because of our urban woodlands. Please take action now to protect these important assets.

[Your name]
[Your address]

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One Response to Write your city councillor now, they are set to vote in February 2014

  1. Mark Coakley says:

    Just discovered your group. Excellent work!

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