Is it a rare and precious ecosystem? Need to identify whether it is…

Is it a rare and precious ecosystem?

Can it be, or has it been declared an “area of natural and scientific interest.” (ANSI)?

That designation — ANSI — means it is important to the city, the province, the country, and the continent; of interest to the whole damn world.

The periphery around any ecosystem is called a buffer; birds use buffers to hopscotch in and out from one forest to the next. When the trees are gone, they won’t be able to do that. We need to find out the consequences of that.

A larger point: because of the way pollination works, the trees under threat ensure the genetic health of the trees adjacent to them, and those across the street. You would think that, if we protect one forest, we would protect that which the forest relies on.

How do we keep these unique ecosystems in the city? Apparently, lots of cities in the U.S. do. Chicago, Manhattan, Seattle — really forward cities — they’re protecting their urban forests. They’re making their buffers larger, extending the natural ecosystem. 

Let’s look elsewhere and see what these cities are doing.

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