Gathering information…

Right now we are gathering information and resources. We need to show how much of our urban forests we are losing.

If you look at the aerial photos you will see smatterings of small urban forests throughout the Hamilton mountain area. The closer you are to the escarpment, not counting the escarpment edge itself (which for now is not under threat), but those areas of development in the north end of the mountain are densely packed areas of houses.

As you travel south, you see remnants of forested areas, broken up by new development, but at least some of those forests remain. For now.

We are currently experiencing a high amount of development, and what seems to be a higher occurrence of high-density development on Hamilton Mountain. To make way for this development, we are losing what remains of these small urban forests.

Once they are gone, it is too late. It is VITAL people speak up NOW, before we lose what natural beauty Hamilton possesses.

Now is the time to take action! Get involved, contact your councillor, City Hall, rally up your neighbours, spread the word, and keep an eye on this Facebook page for news.

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