Where to start…

For now, we will be going though all of  the aerial and ground photos, gathering together what best documents the changes that have occurred in Hamilton since just around 2009. Sometimes we’re just too busy to notice what is happening around us, and then it is too late.

The forests and trails, the natural beauty that is the escarpment. All of its wildlife, floral and fauna, native to the area, their home right here within our communities. We have deer, rabbits, and magnificent birds of prey, something quite common here, and ever so beautiful. Hamilton is such a beautiful city, its natural attributes are bountiful. This is a side that, often times, outsiders never get to see as they pass by our city on the Skyway bridge. From that vantage point, most of what they see is industry, but there is so much more to Hamilton than that. We will also be providing information and links to resources that many will find useful.

So far, where we stand, we are able to co-exist, sharing the land. But unfortunately, with the rate at which we are developing, those urban forests that are home to many a beast, and a beauty for us to behold, will be destroyed and completely gone.

We have to stop, now, and reassess where we’re headed, as a city, as a whole. Please get involved, write your councillors, speak up and let’s do what we can to retain our city’s natural beauty, while coming up with ideas to move forward at the same time.

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